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Aphaenogaster occidentalis ||Live Queen|| [Western Collard Ants]

Aphaenogaster occidentalis ||Live Queen|| [Western Collard Ants]

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Workers in colony

The only Aphaenogaster species present in British Columbia and Alberta. Exclusive to the west coast, these ants are relatively polygynous (Primary). They found with multiple queens, and instead of killing off excess queens once workers arrive like Tetramorium immigrans or Lasius neoniger, they keep them. 

Like all Aphaenogaster, they are aggressive and almost always present an entertaining feeding response.

Queen size: 8-10mm

Worker size: 5-7 mm

Major size: False

Multiqueen: True

Nuptial flight timeframe:  Big flights tend to occur between July-August

Hibernation: True, November-March at 1-10°C (Can skip diapause after the first year)

Care Guide:

Despite their hardy nature, it is important to provide proper care for an optimal growing season. 


Aphaenogaster occidentalis will eat anything they get their hands on. Insects (beetle larvae, fruit flies, or roaches) to meat (ham, turkey bacon, or chicken) and carbohydrates like Honey, sugar water, or nectar. However, sugars aren't a necessity since the genus Aphaenogaster typically does not use its social stomach to share food.

Temperature and Humidity:

The temperature should range from 18-29C and humidity between 30-65% (room humidity or a bit higher) 

Ant nest

Aphaenogaster occidentalis will do great in any of our setups. However, for this species we recommend getting a nest that can retain humidity well, such as the Formistudio popcorn nest; When choosing the nest size, the colony should take up at least 40%+ of the nest capacity to ensure the colony doesn't feel vulnerable and stressed.

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