Welcome to Canada's go to ant shop. Here you can start ant keeping or expand your existing live ant collection affordably. We carry a wide variety of live queen ants as well as formicaria, ant supplies, and outworlds.

Guaranteed Fertile Queens

Having queen ants for sale in Canada comes with the large responsibility to provide Canadians with fertile queens. That’s why at Formistudio, we make sure that you will always receive a fertile queen.

Top Notch Quality

We guarantee that our services will be of quality standards. Healthy, well-fed, and cared for live ants prior to shipment alongside a fresh clean test tube you can expect them to arrive in. Likewise, you can expect our formicariums and outworlds to reach you unscathed.

Guaranteed Live Queen Ants

Here at Formistudio, we want to give you the best ant keeping experience. Unfortunately, the live queen ant(s) may not pull through the rough shipping journey to the recipient, which is extremely unlikely. However, for the miniscule chance they arrive in unsatisfactory conditions, we are able to swiftly replace your colony!

Exclusive Ant Keeping Community

Not only do we have fast customer support, we also have a large community filled with other passionate Canadian ant keepers!

In this community, you will get insight on future queen ant flights in your area, exclusive queen ant care help, and can participate in many of the Formistudio giveaways!

Join here: https://discord.gg/KnzhaMwyAN