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Trichorhina tomentosa ||Clean Up Crew|| [Dwarf White Isopods]

Trichorhina tomentosa ||Clean Up Crew|| [Dwarf White Isopods]

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Small, white isopods known as dwarf white isopods or Trichorhina tomentosa are frequently maintained as pets or used as cleaning crew members in terrariums and vivaria. They are recognized for their modest size and capability to flourish in a diverse range of environments. 


The following are some general recommendations for taking proper care of dwarf white isopods:


Housing: Terrariums, vivariums, and plastic tubs are just a handful of the enclosures in which dwarf white isopods can be maintained in. They need a medium to dig themselves in, like peat moss or coconut coir. For the isopods to feel secure, it's crucial to give a lot of hiding places, such as chunks of bark or other wood pieces.

Temperature and humidity: Dwarf white isopods favour an environment that is humid, with a relative humidity of between 70 and 80 percent as they are indigenous to regions in South America. Additionally, they require a setting with temperatures between 15 and 27 degrees Celsius.

Food: Dwarf white isopods devour a variety of plant and animal detritus as part of their omnivorous diet. They will snack on little pieces of fruit, vegetables, algae, fungi, and other plant debris. Protein is also needed for the isopods to reproduce and survive. Usually, something like fish food, dog kibble, or bits of meat, is enough to satisfy them 

Water: It's crucial to maintain the substrate moist but not drenched in water because too much moisture can cause possible mould and fungus outbreak issues.

Moving: Dwarf white isopods must be handled carefully because they are small and delicate. To relocate them, it's advisable to use tweezers or a small spoon instead of your bare hands to reduce the risk of accidentally damaging them.

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