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Esthetic Ants

Esthetic Ants - Large Ytong Nest

Esthetic Ants - Large Ytong Nest

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Amazing for large ant colonies! (Able to hold 3000+ Camponotus workers for reference!) This nest is branded by Esthetic ants and we are proud to support their products in our shop. 

Exclusive Features:

  • 20.8  x 10.8 x 2.8 cm (l x w x h).
  • Intricately made chambers
  • Water can be added through 'the chimney' at the side of the formicarium.
  • Escape-proof mesh to guarantee no ant escapes.
  • Clear acrylic held down with screws.  
  • Nest can be used both vertically and horizontally by rotating the chimney.
  • The tubing ports are for 1/4 ID and 3/8 OD tubing.
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