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Arthropod Antics

Formisquarium (Ant Nest) - Arthropod Antics

Formisquarium (Ant Nest) - Arthropod Antics

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The "Formisquarium" is a flat box-style nest with an ultracal base, designated hydration chamber, and many customization options. This nest was MADE to make your ants the center of attention so that you can show them off without needing to shine a light in there to see how your ants behave within the nest.

The nest is 7.3 x 7.3 x 3.1cm (2.9 x 2.9 x 1.25 in) L x W x H

It uses 7/16 OD 5/16 ID vinyl tubing.

Packaged with a plastic blunt-tip syringe.

Species Compatibility

The Formisquarium is intended to be suitable for nearly any ant species. The chamber is sealed tight to support tiny ants such as Tetramorium, as well as having the option for a large chamber depth to support large ants like Camponotus and Formica. The ultracal base and hydration are ideal for virtually any ant species.

Hydration system

The Formisqarium hydration system is engineered to gradually hydrate the ultracal base, ensuring optimal humidity inside the nest. When hydrating, proceed slowly to allow the water to fully saturate the ultracal with water. Then add the rest of the water. Once the material is adequately hydrated, the humidity level will be maintained for several days before it dries out and needs rehydrating again.

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