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Pogonomyrmex occidentalis ||Live Queen|| [Western Harvester Ant]

Pogonomyrmex occidentalis ||Live Queen|| [Western Harvester Ant]

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Worker in colony

Pogonomyrmex occidentalis, is one of Canada's best ant species. These ants can live on a full granivorous diet consisting of dandelion seeds, they will accept a larger diversity of seeds as the colony gets an increasing amount of workers. However, it doesn't hurt to feed them other foods such as insects. In addition, Pogonomyrex carries one of the most potent stings relative to the insect world.


Care Guide:

Pogonomyrmex can be a little sensitive, but their success rates are still high. 


Pogonomyrmex will eat anything they get their hands on in the later stages of the colony. From insects (beetle larvae, fruit flies, or roaches) to meat (ham, turkey bacon, or chicken) and carbohydrates like Honey, sugar water, or nectar. However, a founding queen should always have dandelion seeds available 24/7.

Temperature and Humidity:

Temperature should range from 20-29C and humidity between 50-70% (Relatively high humidity.)

These ants should be always heated to 28-29C

Ant nest

Pogonomyrmex occidentalis will do great in most of our setups. However, they need a formicarium that can contain consistent humidity for a long period of time. When choosing the size of the nest, the colony should take up at least 40%+ of the nest capacity to ensure the colony doesn't feel vulnerable and stressed.


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