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Peanut Beetle Larvae (Feeder Culture)

Peanut Beetle Larvae (Feeder Culture)

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Peanut beetles are a relatively good protein source for your ants or anything that has a mouth big enough to eat it. Ants of all shapes and sizes as well as small and large colonies will enjoy this feeder. Especially with the fast reproduction rate you will virtually never run out of feeders for your ants once you get the culture going.


 These feeders need little to no maintenance being able to survive a complete 2 months without any food or water.  Their foods should consist of dog food, fish food, or peanuts for protein and vegetables or fruit scraps for their hydration and carbohydrates. Add egg cartons for climbing space and their substrate can be dirt, oatmeal, or just peanuts. DO NOT add water directly as it may cause moulding to food items or substrate depending on what you use. 

Nutritional value:

Peanut beetle larvae contain a good amount of protein (around 50%), fats (around 20%), and carbohydrates (around 30%) for your ants.

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