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Solenopsis molesta ||Live queen|| [Thief Ant]

Solenopsis molesta ||Live queen|| [Thief Ant]

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Multiple Queens
Workers in colony

 Solenopsis molesta, otherwise known as the thief ant. Does exactly what its name implies. They steal ant brood from other colonies and even live within the "host" colony undetected. These ants usually reside in Formica mounds, Lasius nests, as well as Tetramorium immigrans. 

Solenopsis molesta, also have the ability to inbreed within the nest, meaning the colony could hypothetically last indefinitely. Additionally, they don't need any diapause (hibernation). The only con associated with this ant is the worker size. (generally 1-2mm) 

Care Guide:

Despite their hardy nature, it is still important to provide proper care for an optimal growing season. 


Solenopsis molesta will eat anything they get their hands on. From insects (beetle larvae, fruit flies, or roaches) to meat (ham, turkey bacon, or chicken) and carbohydrates like Honey, sugar water, or nectar. 

Temperature and Humidity:

The temperature should be kept from 18-29C and humidity between 40-70%, room-high humidity

Ant nest

Solenopsis molesta will do great in any of our non-wood setups. When choosing the size of the nest, the colony should take up at least 40%+ of the nest capacity to ensure the colony doesn't feel vulnerable and stressed. 

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