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Surinam roaches (Pycnoscelus surinamensis)

Surinam roaches (Pycnoscelus surinamensis)

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Arguably one of the best feeder insects in Canada. Surinam roaches can reproduce asexually through parthenogenesis (can create clones of themselves solely on an entirely female population.)

The adult roaches are very easy to tell apart from the nymphs. Mature roaches have wings although, they are unable to use them and cannot fly.

These roaches were found in greenhouses and cannot survive in homes due to their lifestyle. In addition, just like the greenhouse ants, permits are not needed to sell these roaches.

Set up/Care Guide (Based on how I keep them)

These roaches are subterranean for their entire lifecycle making care 100x easier to maintain. 

Step 1. Prepare a tub with a nicely fit lid and add dirt inside. Preferably potting soil with no added fertilizers/chemicals. (If you plan on using dirt from outside, make sure you sterilize it by pouring boiling water and thoroughly mixing it.)

Step 2. Add some ventilation holes. Poking many minuscule holes is recommended so that the babies cannot escape while providing adequate humidity and airflow.

Step 3. Water the setup down so that it is moist. (Not too much water as it could waterlog the setup.) From there, add the roaches, and the setup is finished!

From there, they need a mixed diet of veggies and protein. I usually give my roaches dry dog kibble for protein and carrots/other mixed vegetables for carbohydrates. Do this once every 1-2 weeks. (Keep in mind these roaches act as a composter, change out the soil every now and then and you will have yourself some healthy planting soil!)




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