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Camponotus subbarbatus ||Live Queen|| [Bumble Bee Carpenter Ant]

Camponotus subbarbatus ||Live Queen|| [Bumble Bee Carpenter Ant]

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Worker in colony

Any species following the genus "Camponotus" are extremely easy to care for. A common misconception about carpenter ants is that they might damage wood inside a home. However, this is only true if the conditions of the wood are wet or rotting. 

A sleek and fast movement of a yellow-bodied critter catches your attention on a rotting log... is it a bee? 

Found in the southernmost part of Ontario. Camponotus subbarbatus, otherwise known as the "Bumble Bee Carpenter Ant" is smaller than your average carpenter ant. Their appearance consists of a yellow abdomen and black stripes that resemble somewhat of a bee. The rest of their body might appear on a colour spectrum of pitch black to cherry red.

They are just as easy to keep as your average Carpenter Ant species.

Queens size: 9-10 mm

Worker size: 3-4 mm

Major size: 5-6mm

Multiqueen: True, Although it is population dependent

Nuptial flight timeframe: Mass flights occur between May-June

Hibernation: True, November-March at 1-10°C

Care Guide:

Despite their hardy nature, it is still important to provide proper care for an optimal growing season. 


Camponotus subbarbatus will eat anything they get their hands on. From insects (beetle larvae, fruit flies, or roaches) to meat (ham, turkey bacon, or chicken) and carbohydrates like Honey, sugar water, or nectar. 

Temperature and Humidity:

Temperature should range from 19-29C and humidity between 25-50% (room humidity or a little less)

Ant nest

Camponotus subbarbatus will do great in any of our setups. Though, for this species, we recommend getting the AV wooden ant nest. When choosing the size of the nest, the colony should take up at least 40%+ of the nest capacity to insure the colony doesn't feel vulnerable and stressed.


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