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Lasius brevicornis ||Live Queen|| [Short-Horned Meadow Ant]

Lasius brevicornis ||Live Queen|| [Short-Horned Meadow Ant]

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Lasius brevicornis, the short-horned meadow ant. One of the more interesting Lasius species as they are polygynous (can have multiple queens in one colony) and bright yellow. They are one of the slower-growing Lasius making them a great beginner species. 


Care Guide:

Despite their hardy nature, it is still important to provide proper care for an optimal growing season. 


Lasius brevicornis will eat anything they get their hands on. From insects (beetle larvae, fruit flies, or roaches) to meat (ham, turkey bacon, or chicken) and carbohydrates like Honey, sugar water, or nectar. 

Temperature and Humidity:

Temperature should be kept from 18-29C and humidity between 30-60% (room humidity)

Ant nest

Lasius brevicornis will do great in any of our setups. When choosing the size of the nest, the colony should take up at least 40%+ of the nest capacity to insure the colony doesn't feel vulnerable and stressed. 

The Esthetic Ant selection of nests are perfect for this species. 



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