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Myrmica americana ||Live queen|| [American fire ant]

Myrmica americana ||Live queen|| [American fire ant]

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Myrmica americana, a native species of North American "fire ant." This species is slightly more difficult to raise as opposed to the Camponotus genus. This is mainly because of their semi-claustral tendencies. (has to be fed during the founding stage.) Generally, any semi-claustral ant species is really fun and rewarding after successfully rearing workers.

Myrmica americana is equipped with a stinger and therefore will be more aggressive when hunting for food, making them exciting to watch. They are also slow growing and won't be overwhelming to care for. 

Care Guide:

Despite their hardy nature, it is still important to provide proper care for an optimal growing season. 


They require a varied diet that includes proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Feed the ants a combination of insects (such as fruit flies, crickets, and mealworms), honey, sugar water, and protein-rich foods (such as cooked chicken or egg). You can also provide them with fresh fruits and vegetables.


Temperature and Humidity:

The temperature should be kept from 18-29C and humidity between 60-90%, high humidity as the genus Myrmica loves moisture. 

Ant nest

Myrmica americana will do great in most of our setups. When choosing the size of the nest, the colony should take up at least 40%+ of the nest capacity to insure the colony doesn't feel vulnerable and stressed. 

The Esthetic Ants' selection of nests would make great housing conditions for Myrmica americana.

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